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Have you heard about the wellness real estate phenomenon? A burgeoning sector valued at an impressive $275 billion, it’s projected to soar to $580.3 billion by 2025, boasting a 16.1% growth.

Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate is a slice of this sector focused on residential. The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) defines these as homes thoughtfully designed and built to nurture the holistic health of the residents. Fascinatingly, wellness-focused residential developments are now achieving sales price premiums averaging between 10-25%, sometimes reaching up to 55%.

In 2020, Australia clinched the 3rd spot in the top twenty markets for wellness real estate, boasting a market size of a whopping $16.54 billion. It’s clear Australians have a growing appetite for wellness-centric residential spaces, as revealed by GWI’s 2018 Build Well to Live Well report:

  • 45% of Australians favour homes close to a local park
  • 50% yearn for access to paved walking paths
  • 70% prefer walking distance to public transport
  • 64% opt for homes within walking distance to local services

With the environment and community shaping up to 90% of our health outcomes, it’s no surprise people are investing in homes where health and wellness are built into the very blueprint.

Western Australia suburb skyline aerial view

Western Australian suburbs are now increasingly catching the eye of wellness-focused home seekers, particularly in areas like Dalkeith, Nedlands, Mosman Park, and Crawley. These suburbs offer a bounty of wellness-inspired homes with sophisticated lifestyle: 

Generous land sizes cater to home gyms and pools

The spacious land parcels available in these suburbs offer ample space to incorporate wellness amenities right at home. Residents have the flexibility to install fully-equipped home gyms or create tranquil pool areas, turning their residences into personal wellness retreats.

Architecturally inspired homes promoting joyful movement

These homes are not just about aesthetics; they’re designed to inspire activity and movement. Wide-open spaces, flowing floor plans, and integration of outdoor elements ensure that daily living becomes a joyful, active experience.

Proximity to wellness amenities

Homes with optimal sun orientation and lush greenery

Homes in these areas harness natural resources for wellness. They’re oriented to maximise sunlight, promoting natural light’s mood-boosting benefits, while the abundance of greenery fosters a serene environment and improves air quality.

Proximity to wellness amenities like beaches, rivers, and forests, coupled with nearby urban conveniences

These suburbs strike a beautiful balance between tranquillity and modernity. While residents can enjoy nature’s therapeutic benefits with easy access to beaches, rivers, and forests, they’re also just a stone’s throw away from urban conveniences—supermarkets, cafes, and public transport. This harmony of nature and city living cultivates a well-rounded lifestyle, offering the best of both worlds.

If you are looking to buy or sell property in the Western Suburbs, contact us today so we can talk about your specific needs.