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Education is indeed a cornerstone of the western suburbs’ enduring allure. The region’s reputation for providing quality schooling is a significant factor in attracting numerous families to relocate here, and their influence extends well beyond academic performance. They’re prized for their nurturing environments, dedicated faculties, and holistic learning experiences. So, let’s have a rundown of some of the most outstanding government-funded academic institutions in the Western suburbs. 

Shenton College (Shenton Park, Western Australia)

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Shenton College (Shenton Park, Western Australia)

Shenton College holds a significant historical background. The school’s site was once home to Lemnos Hospital, a facility that provided care to WWI servicemen with war-induced mental health issues. With a focus on functional design, Lemnos Hospital expanded into a remarkable complex of heritage-listed buildings. 

Shenton College, established in 2001 through the merger of Swanbourne and Hollywood Senior High Schools, carries forward the legacies of these institutions. Guided by the principles of justice, equity, responsible care, and respect, Shenton College aims to deliver a comprehensive and inspiring educational experience known as “Learning for Life.” The school’s approach emphasises interdisciplinary connections and equips students with lifelong learning skills. 

As one of the top government schools, Shenton College nurtures students to not only excel academically but also develop the capabilities to actively engage, contribute, and progress in their chosen paths, making them valuable assets to society. 

Perth Modern School (Subiaco, Western Australia)

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Perth Modern School (Subiaco, Western Australia)

Perth Modern School, located in Subiaco, Western Australia, stands as a renowned institution known for its exceptional academic standards and selective entry process. 

With a rich history dating back to 1911, the school offers a comprehensive education from Years 7 to 12. Students at Perth Modern School are immersed in a challenging curriculum that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and independent learning. The school’s strong emphasis on the arts, sciences, and technology provides a wide range of opportunities for students to excel in their chosen fields. 

Graduates from Perth Modern School have a proven track record of success in their tertiary studies and professional careers. They take pride in being Western Australia’s only fully academically selective school for gifted and talented students. 

This top government school strives to provide a diverse range of academic, social, musical, sporting, community service, and leadership opportunities that encourage personal growth, resilience, and independent thinking. 

Nedlands Primary School (Nedlands, Western Australia)


Nedlands Primary School, established in 1913, is deeply rooted in the Nedlands community. Guided by the philosophy ‘Experiencing the Opportunities’, the school emphasises the importance of every learning and growth opportunity. This institution offers a balanced curriculum that blends explicit instruction with play-based and inquiry learning. Teachers employ diverse strategies and resources, promoting both critical thinking and creativity. Their approach supports each child’s holistic development.

Nedlands also highlights the value of taking risks and leadership. The school encourages students to challenge themselves and develop leadership skills, supported by extracurricular programs in The Arts and STEM.

Strongly intertwined with the local community, Nedlands Primary School honours its history and fosters partnerships to support local projects. Relationships, including those between educators and students and within the pastoral care system, form a support network for student well-being.

Mosman Park Primary School (Mosman Park, Western Australia)


Mosman Park Primary School (Mosman Park, Western Australia)

Mosman Park Primary School has been an integral part of the local community for the past century. In 1919, Mosman Park Primary School established the first Parents & Citizens’ Association in the metropolitan area, highlighting the strong engagement and support from parents. The school’s connection to electricity in the same year marked a milestone in its development. Over the years, the student population fluctuated, reaching a peak of 562 students in 1951.

Throughout its history, the school has benefited from the dedication of its teachers and the involvement of a caring and supportive parent community. Mosman Park Primary School is committed to fostering a stimulating and inclusive environment that enables every child to reach their full potential in academic, social, emotional, physical, and creative domains.

The school prioritises academic rigour and personal excellence, offering an engaging and challenging curriculum. A culture of high expectations permeates the school community, and meaningful partnerships are forged among stakeholders. Professional responsibility is emphasised, with both group and individual accountability.

Dalkeith Primary School (Dalkeith, Western Australia)

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top government schools - Dalkeith Primary School (Dalkeith, Western Australia)

Established in 1938, Dalkeith Primary School is an Independent Public School located in the suburb of Dalkeith, Western Australia. With a rich history of over 75 years, the school has built a reputation for excellence in primary education. Governed by a School Board comprising parents, staff, and community members, Dalkeith Primary School offers a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. The school emphasises collaboration between teachers, parents, and students, fostering a supportive atmosphere where each child can thrive. 

With a culturally diverse student population, this top government school in Perth celebrates diversity and provides a range of programs tailored to meet the needs and interests of students. Dedicated teachers, extensive extracurricular activities, and a commitment to academic achievement contribute to the school’s success.

Freshwater Bay Primary School (Claremont, Western Australia)

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Freshwater Bay Primary School Perth WA

Freshwater Bay Primary School in Claremont is a thriving learning community that embraces wisdom, respect, and courage. With a central location and strong road and rail connections, the school caters to students from Pre-Primary to Year 6. Its stable student and staff population allows for long-term strategies and a comprehensive specialist program in STEM, Music, Art, Physical Education, and French. The school fosters a growth mindset and personalised learning, encouraging students to take ownership of their education. 

The institution prides itself on providing a safe and supportive environment with high expectations for student learning outcomes. As one of the top government schools in Perth, they collaborate closely with the Parent and Community Association and School Board to meet community expectations and fulfil their vision. 

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