Learn about the history of Nedlands

Back in the 1850s, the suburb of Nedlands was actually know as “Ned’s Land” after Colonel John Bruce bought Swan Location 86 as a 320-acre investment for his son, Edward. The Bruce estate was eventually transferred to the Crown in 1910 after being bought by Sir George Shenton in 1893. In the decade that followed (1910-1920), development in the area started to occur with land put aside for churches, recreation, schools and key landmarks – such as the Nedlands’ Park Hotel which was built in 1908 as a stop-in for farmers and country residents that could be reached by a tram from the Perth city centre. The hotel is now famously know as “Steve’s” after being purchased by Stephen McHenry in 1935.

Variations of Californian bungalow, Old English and Tudor-style properties were all very popular types of homes amongst the growing Nedlands population post-1920s. The 1930s even saw an increase in the number of flats being built, particularly along Stirling Highway and near the University of Western Australia. With a population of more than 10,000, Nedlands contains a mix of housing to this day – including low-cost residences for students and more premium executive homes. It has a greater proportion of villas, townhouses, flats and units than neighbouring Dalkeith, which is 98% houses.

Fundamentals of the Nedlands Real Estate Sector

Nedlands is home to a number of hospitals and medical facilities, including Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Hollywood Private Hospital, The Lions Eye Institute, several aged-care centres and the QE II Medical Centre – the site of the new Perth Children’s Hospital. The southern part of the suburb plays host to wealthy homes and the Nedlands Golf Club, as well as a plethora of stunning suburban and riverside parklands – from the John Leckie Pavilion sporting facilities at College Park to Charles Court Reserve along the pristine Swan River waters.

The Nedlands Bridge, Croquet and Tennis Clubs can be found right next door to the golf course, while the suburb’s public-transport system is served by the CircleRoute and other services along Stirling Highway, Hampden Road, Broadway and Princess Road – all operated by Swan Transit. The Loreto Nedlands Primary School is right in the centre of the suburb and a commercial area, located right next to the Captain Stirling Hotel, includes restaurants and the small Windsor Cinema along both side of Stirling Highway. Developed in 1950 and dedicated in 1951, the Peace Memorial Rose Garden on Stirling Highway commemorates lives lost at war.

Why you should live in Nedlands

Due to its elevation, Nedlands is slightly cooler than the Perth CBD throughout the summer months and its desirable proximity to the river and foreshore parklands makes it an exciting prospect for families and those seeking an affluent area to live in that is close to the city, top schools and other excellent educational facilities. Multiple parks and recreational facilities complement an array of restaurants and eateries – particularly on Broadway – in enticing people to the suburb.

The houses, town houses and apartments in Nedlands are typically extremely well-presented and amongst some of the finest in Perth. The broad choice of living options throughout the suburb offer something for everyone. It ads diversity and vibrancy to the suburb and makes this an appealing and enjoyable place to call home.

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