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Peter is one of the Directors of the agency William Porteous Properties. A multi-award-winning Residential Sales Specialist consistently ranked as one of the industry’s highest performers. Peter’s focus is to help you understand the market, how to best present your property, which selling strategy will serve you best, and then deliver you the best possible result in the most cost effective, timely and stress-free manner.

With his 100% client focused, value adding, results orientated mindset, Peter uses his knowledge, skills and experience to ensure you achieve your goals and have the best possible experience along the way.

As a husband and father of two young boys, he embodies old fashioned values of honesty, trust, integrity, candour and tenacity. For down time he enjoys an active lifestyle with his family and exploring new places.

Peter’s home is Perth where he lives near the beach with his family, but he has strong roots to rural Australia having spent his youth on a 700 acre farm in the Perth hills, with all the down to earth skills that that came with it. He grew up on horses, swimming, playing tennis, learning the piano, riding motorbikes, traveling all over the world with his family (his mum is German and his Dad Australian), scuba diving, snow skiing and generally having a wonderful time. His early achievements included being the Sate School Boy Equestrian

Peter studied Geology at The University of Western Australia. Science, although interesting, was not his true calling. Post University Peter moved to Japan to study Japanese language, culture and continue his study of Karate which he’d taken up upon moving to the city at 18.

He became quite fluent in Japanese and went on to earn his black belt in Go-Ju-Kai Karate

After returning to Perth, Peter started his real estate career in 1994 in Perth’s Western Suburbs. Within two years he had progressed from a sales rep to a fully licensed Triennial Certificate holding Real Estate Agent with an Advanced Diploma in Business and went on to launch his own firm.

That was followed by an apprenticeship in Property Development with his father Graeme Robertson, specializing in rezoning and subdivision of residential, commercial and tourism assets, around the city and throughout regional WA, north and south. He expanded his real
estate business over the next 18 years with a few mergers, acquisitions, sales and restructures along the way.

In 2012 Peter merged with long-time friend and doyen of the Real Estate Industry, William Porteous, joining William Porteous Properties, and has been a driving force within that organisation, thoroughly enjoying always learning, growing, expanding and improving how he and his team do business, ensuring that add maximum value to all their interactions.

Continuous evolution, learning and growth are essential if you have the desire and drive to be the best. Peter thrives on this and at the same time helping everyone around him on their journey.

Beyond business, giving something back to the community and those less fortunate, is part of Peter’s values. He expresses this through his philanthropic work as an active member of the local Rotary Club of Dalkeith, where once again he is working to add value in any way he can whilst absorbing as much knowledge and wisdom as possible from the incredibly successful, insightful and generous colleagues within the club and the community.