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Cottesloe Suburb Profile

Some history…

Founded on 21st September 1886 by Sir Frederick Napier Broome as a district, Cottesloe’s name was chosen in honour of the brother of Captain C.H. Fremantle, who became Baron Cottesloe in 1874. Although declared a suburban area at the time it was officially named, the first four-lot acres in the coastal suburb weren’t actually sold until nearly two years later.

In the mid-1890s there was a rush to take up land and a number of houses were erected. The first decade of the 1900s saw a change in the status and further development of Cottesloe and with the intention of attracting new residents, the Roads Board developed and promoted the beachfront.

The Hotel Cottesloe was built in 1905 and the Ocean Beach Hotel opened in January 1908 – both establishments have maintained their positions and popularity to the present day. Sport and leisure activities became popular in the area and the Cottesloe Golf Club was eventually formed in 1908 also.

Despite the depression in 1930, there was another building boom and Cottesloe profited. Major roads in Stirling Highway and Marine Parade were renamed and established, whilst the 1960s brought a new affluence to the area – with further business being developed in Napoleon Street and along Stirling Highway.

Over the next 50 years, Cottesloe continued to improve and develop into the vibrant seaside suburb it is today. Its main beach is also quite the hit with tourists – both local and from abroad.

Location, Location…

Located roughly half-way between the Perth CBD and the port of Fremantle, the beachside suburb of Cottesloe is best known for its surf and sand, as well as a host of local cafes, restaurants and amenities that help afford it the relaxed lifestyle it is so well-known for. A significant shopping area is situated between Jarrad and Station Streets, adjacent to the Cottesloe railway station, while the suburb also plays host to various bus routes.

The Cottesloe Tennis Club and the Sea View Golf Club are the two main sporting clubs of note. North Cottesloe Primary School is also the suburb’s main educational facility.

Why you should live here…

Living in Cottesloe allows you to get the best out of the urban city of Perth, without being too far removed from relaxing setting of the beach no matter where you are. Aside from a carefree lifestyle, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs to indulge in, whilst a lively atmosphere in the summer brings fantastic Australian entertainment in many ways, shapes and forms.

The suburb is also full of grassy areas that are just perfect for picnics and outdoor barbecues. Easy access to the historic port town of Fremantle is simply an added bonus.