Welcome to Team Robertson’s 2018 Property Market Report.

Hi, Peter Robertson here from William Porteous Properties. Just giving you a quick recap of 2018 as we head into Christmas which is just around the corner.

OK, let’s start at the beginning of the year; the summer of actually 2017-2018 was a very positive and very buoyant market and was  probably the busiest and most active market in the Western Suburbs sometime. That market was great, filled with positivity and we were very frantically running around selling lots of properties for our clients.

We always have a bit of a seasonal low as we go through into the end of the financial year and into the depths of winter and this year was no exception. We saw that definite downturn as we approached the end of financial year. What we did see though was that it was a bit of an extended winter, the marketplace stayed a bit more subdued and for a bit longer than it has done in previous years and I think there was a little bit of uncertainty with what was going on in the news from a global perspective also a national  perspective. As we came into spring we normally expect to see a lot more properties come to the market in spring and the spring to really take off out of the starting blocks with a little bit of vigor.

This year that was again a bit delayed so we saw a distinct delay in that increase in the market activity probably by about a month, but then we did have a very good spring season and the marketplace showed tentative signs of positivity. The view going forwards with the buyers we are talking to an engagement with on a daily basis is that the future, the short-term future has some uncertainty but the medium to long-term future in Western Australia and for Perth in particular is pretty positive. So it ended up being a great spring season and then we got closer and closer to Christmas and when we keep into December this year we  had a lot of momentum from the spring telling season and will sold lots of properties, but the fresh enquiry from buyers is certainly started to slow down after first week in December and we are sitting here as we record this in about the middle of December with Christmas break just literally around the corner. So we’re still busy we’re still engaging with our customer base of buyers and we still have some fabulous properties and fantastic opportunities out there, but we are going flat chat to the end of next week and then I think everybody in our office and our team is looking forward to having a couple of weeks off for that Christmas period.

Our office and our sales team will still be around, we never stop; we are real estate agents – its a 24/7 profession but we are expecting to have that seasonal lul. The season lul we see at the end of financial year is is also repeated as we go between Christmas and New Year.

The multi-million dollar question  on everybody’s lips, what’s going to happen is as we kick into summer of 2019 and as the year comes back in probably late January come February which way the the weather vane of the marketplace is pointing. So we need to go forward into that space with positivity and energy and and a buoyant expectation and we’ll discover what that market bring,  For now I just wanted to give that short recap of the year and say thank you to all of our customers for their business and for trusting us with the sale and the management of their properties and wish you a safe prosperous and and fun filled and relaxing Christmas and New Year break .

Thank you very much and we’ll see you in 2019


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